Farm & Ranch Water Infrastructure Program (FRWIP)

The goal of FRWIP is to support the development of secure and sustainable water sources for agricultural use in Saskatchewan, mitigate the impact of drought, and improve public safety and reduce potential groundwater contamination through well decommissioning.

Have you developed a new dugout, well, or pipeline? Are you considering a new water project?

If you have already developed your dugout, well or pipeline please contact us and we will help you apply for the funding available through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) to receive your 50% rebate.

Do you have a well that needs to be decommissioned? 

This is a pre-approval project that provides 90% funding to decommission old wells. 

Do you have a special water project in mind for your community?

A special project is a water development project that is considered to have high public benefit. Apply for pre-approval.

Contact us for more information and to see if you qualify for funding.