Leafy Spurge Beetle Collection Day

The MJRWS partnered with three watersheds on July 9th, and together we were able to collect 55,000 beetles to be distributed throughout southern Saskatchewan as a biocontrol for the invasive plant, leafy spurge.

This summer the MJRWS participated in the Leafy Spurge Beetle Collection Day at Besant Campground. Leafy spurge is an incredibly resilient plant that has been present in our watershed for decades now. Originally it was just on the west side in the Mortlach and Caron area, but now the plant has spread across the watershed. Producers and organizations alike are attempting to control this invasive plant. There are multiple techniques used such as application of herbicides, cutting, manual pulling and biocontrols. Leafy spurge beetles are a biocontrol that can help control leafy spurge in environmentally sensitive areas or in areas that would prefer to be chemical free. We distributed the beetles to various producers and organizations in our watershed. We will continue to provide this service to members of our watershed annually.

We would like to highly encourage the residents of our watershed to report any sighting of Leafy spurge or other invasives to iMapInvasives.

For more information or to find out about next years Leafy Spurge Beetle collection day, call the MJRWS at (306) 691-3399.

July 10, 2020 | Taylor Kell