Yellow Flag Iris Control

Thanks to the help of the Wakamow Valley Authority, Moose Jaw River and Adventure Tours, and our locals in our watershed. We were able to identify, map, monitor and then control the spread of a new (to Saskatchewan) invasive species, Yellow-Flag Iris.

We were made aware of the Yellow Flag Iris by a local in our watershed that noticed the plant along the river in Wakamow. Wakamow Valley Authority brought us out to show us the invasive flower and put us in contact with the Moose Jaw River and Adventure Tours. They very kindly provided the MJRWS team with a canoe. We then cut each plant down to the root, placed the plant in the canoe, bagging the plants and then burning them. 

In order to continue to monitor the site, we mapped the invasive iris on iMapInvasives. This is a province wide website that allows users to track the spread of invasives.

Please let us know if you find anything similar or map it on iMapInvasives.

Yellow Flag Iris

July 17, 2020 | Taylor Kell